Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos (1976)

Director: Bruno Barreto
Studio: Carnaval Unifilm, Coline, Companhia Cinematografica Serrador

Starring: Sonia Braga, Jose Wilker, Mauro Mendonca, Dinorah Brillanti, Nelson Xavier, Arthur Costa Filho, Rui Resende, Mario Gusmao, Nelson Dantas, Haydil Linhares, Nilda Spencer, Silvia Cadaval, Ivanilda Ribeiro, Sue Ribeiro, Francisco Santos.

Description: In a small city of Brazil, Flor, a cooking teacher, marries Vadinho, a very handsome and erotic man. Once married she finds he is a good-for-nothing who takes all her money to gamble. After his death, Flor misses the goods of the marriage so she marries again with a very correct gentleman – the owner of a drugstore. Now she’s very happy with her man, but misses the erotic moments with her previous husband. One day, Vadinho comes back as a ghost to quench her desires.

Alternative Title:
Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands

Actors: Sônia Braga