The Candy Store (1972)

Director: Willard Wonderful


* Candy Samples

Synopsis (from Something Weird):

CANDY SAMPLES, the grandmother of porn whose monumental knockers bounced their
way across stage and screen, let’s it all hang out in this piping hot twin feature. In
Candy’s Cat House, she plays mother hen to a squadron of suck-happy hookers.
Satisfaction is guaranteed at this house of ill repute. Meow! Candy is decked out in a
low-cut gown which displays her cosmic cleavage. (It looks like she’s hiding two midgets
under there.)
In between breaking in the new help, she takes time out for some bone-chugging of her
own. (She has a tongue that unravels like a Slinky.) If any of her pussycats get out of
line Candy dishes out some whip-snapping punishment (as well as some sexual healing).
Things perk up when Candy is visited by “some Mexican guy” who wants to sell his
sister (pronounced “seester”). “I don’’t buy people,” says Candy, but changes her mind
when she learns Rosita is a virgin. It proves to be a good investment because later on
some hairy cowpoke pays $1000 to pop Rosita’s tortilla.
Is Candy dandy? Does Mexico have dirt?