Travolti da un insolito destino nell’azzurro mare d’agosto (1974)

Pavoni Lanzetti Raffaella , wife of a wealthy Milanese industrialist , with SOME friends you are enjoying a cruise off the coast of Sardinia on Of A luxurious boat . Arrogant , snobbish , full of himself , not perceives How His attitude and his conversations contain d ‘ offensive to proletarian crew where a froth of anger There A Gennarino Carunchio , Sicilian communist temper . Released only on a dinghy , Raffaella and Gennaro end up on a desert island . The desperate situation offre Al Maschio proletarian the Right to flip the situation and avenge centuries of oppression enslaving the ‘ haughty industrial , Che , passing From anger to fear and enchantment , even falling in love . The return to the continent restores distances : Raffaella IS swallowed ( with few regrets sterile ) from the System ; Gennarino Tornera Bring a suitcase at corpulent mother of his children .

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