Deux femmes en or (1970)

Released in 1970 TWO WOMEN IN GOLD (aka DEUX FEMMES EN OR) was a smash box-office success in Quebec and probably the most successful of the so-called “Maple Syrup Porn” films produced in Canada between 1968 and 1974.  It charts the misadventures of Fernande (Monique Mercure) and Violette (Louise Turcot), bored suburban housewives and next-door neighbors.  Their businessman husbands are frequently either away from home (and not necessarily on business) or occupied with their own interests.  The ladies decide to pursue liberation and freedom through a series of sexual escapades with practically any man who walks through the front door – exploits that put the women on a path that includes a court case for manslaughter charges as well as unexpected celebrity.  TWO WOMEN IN GOLD manages to cram an awful lot of Canadiana into its running time – including beer, street hockey, plenty of snow, a Grey Cup football game (Rough Riders vs Rough Riders), and even a  cameo by then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau!  Directed, photographed, edited  and co-scripted by Claude Fournier (later to make ALIEN THUNDER and THE CLEAN UP SQUAD) the movie co-stars Donald Pilon, Marcel Sabourin, and Francine Moran.  This is a CG exclusive Fan Edit that I spent a lot of time working on.  The film was released to DVD in Quebec but only in French and without any subtitles or additional language options; an English language edition was not released to DVD or cassette.  However, several years ago I recorded a rare television broadcast of the film which presented the English dubbed (by Titra, no less) version.  I transferred that to DVD and began preparing it to upload to CG when I realized the English version ran 89 minutes and the original French version ran 106 minutes!  Subsequently I obtained the French language DVD and began a process of editing the missing 17 minutes worth of scenes into the English language print.  This was a very slow-going process that required more than 70 edits , and additionally problematic because the framing of the television print and the framing of the DVD were different despite both being full-frame.  Unfortunately there are no subtitles for those sequences in French but the bulk of the film is the English dubbed print, and you shouldn’t help any trouble getting through the other scenes.   I was pleased with the final effort, and I hope that you enjoy it.