Tropic of Desire (1979)

The infamous World War II cat house, The Pink Flamingo, is the setting where Frances, the warm-hearted madam, caters to the sex starved servicemen. Includes nostalgia, via the sets and period music, and a stag film within the film.

Leave to Bob Chinn to try and have a good time with an adult movie. 1979’s “Tropic of Desire” isn’t interested in summoning the darkness to support bedroom antics, and while tragedy resides in the story, the picture is largely a traditional erotic adventure, this time taking sexual antics to Hawaii in 1945, when the end of World War II was beginning to take shape. Screenwriter Jeffrey Fairbanks brings the war to a small brothel where business is booming and life changes are sudden, doing away with a grand dramatic arc to play with characters and situations, attentive to the needs of sensuality without dipping the whole thing in doom.