Josefine Mutzenbacher Teil 5 … wie sie heute war: Dauernd erregt Erotische Mannertraume (1980)

The main joke here is that Josefine is running a brothel in the guise of a ‘sexual health sanatorium for men’ in Bavarian Alps. Frau Scheufele (XNK0747) brings her son to Josefine to have ‘Frau Doktor’ cure his sexual timidness.

B. S.

Josefine in a modern setting, presumably a descendant of the original. During the opening credits she is driven in her open top limo and sees her ancestor materialise in Edwardian dress near a fountain.

Cut to a porn cinema where XNK0741 is the receptionist/usherette. A male client enters the foyer, catches her bending and enters her. He goes into the cinema where the scene in the camper van from Garage Girls is playing on the screen (dating this film to after 1981). then Josefine arrives, gets a ticket and goes in to watch the film, deliberately sitting between two males and openly masturbating. Soon she is taking on two men, giving one a blow job over the back of the seats. Meanwhile her chauffeur is having his way with the usherette.

Josefine chooses the best of the studs and takes him back to her brothel. She stops in the woods for a pee and a fuck on the boot of the limo, causing a passing motorist to crash into a tree. Back at the brothel they find Gabi taking on two men while cooking a meal. Upstairs after a bit of groping, her new stud is left to the mericies of the maid (XNK0743) who has run a bath for him. XNK0744 and XNK0745, after joining the maid and the new stud in the bath, entertain a pair of clients while Josefine attends to a mother (XNK0747) who has brought her portly and bearded son to be made a man of.

Josefine attends to this task personally. Then she introduces him to the orgy going on in an adjoining bedroom. Probably to pad out the film, they then watch a video of another film featuring a man in lederhosen taking XNK0746 over a beer barrel in the cellar of a tavern. Meanwhile the cook has the chauffeur on the kitchen table, curdling the milk.