Nudo e selvaggio (1985)

When their plane crashes in the dense Amazon jungle, anthropologist, and all-round ladies man, Kevin Hall (Michael Sopkiw, Blastfighter), is left to protect a bevy of model bombshells who were along for the ride; including the gorgeous Eva (Suzane Carvalho, Women in Fury). On their journey back to civilization, they battle the harsh elements of the Amazon and clash with terrifying jungle creatures, not to mention a run in with local slave traders. They eventually find themselves deep in cannibal territory and fighting to save their skins.

Formally known as Cannibal Holocaust 2 during the VHS era, Michele Massimo Tarantini’s rip-roaring riot of Italian exploitation finally arrives in pristine HD and is ripe for re-discovery via this blistering new transfer thanks to the flesh-hungry fiends at 88 Films!

AKA Massacre in Dinosaur Valley