Griechische Feigen (The Fruit is Ripe) (1977)

Hi friends,
back again with some ultra rare Sleaze and Exploitation from my home Germany….

In this sex comedy, a good-looking German girl goes on vacation in Greece, and a large number of people try to get her to go to bed with them. With a light, teasing manner, she turns all of them down, until at last she meets a boy she really likes…….

I’m normally pretty indulgent with these 1970’s European sub-“Emannuelle” softcore sex films, but this one is even more stupid than usual and pretty annoying to boot. I watched it mainly for Olivia Pascal, but she doesn’t show up until more the halfway through playing a nude model with whom the main protagonist is working and with whom she hatches a cockamamie plot to “convert” a handsome but gay photographer. The main protagonist is played by one Betty Virges. She is a nineteen-year-old college student (first seen skinny-dipping in a pool while the local priest is over for tea), who is vacationing in Greece with her parents. Her indulgent parents both give her money and send her to the airport to return to school in Munich, but she gives away her ticket and embarks on a (mostly sexual) odyssey around Greece, narrating the whole thing on her portable tape recorder.

Virges has a very nice body (which you get to see a whole lot of), but she is saddled with a truly stupid and annoying character. She comes on to a lot of unattractive, middle-age guys, for instance, for no real reason then complains into her tape recorder about how “lecherous” they are. She stupidly hops in a car with two creeps and is very nearly raped. She falls in love at one point, but after her supposed lover gets jealous about a Greek guy that’s showing her too much attention and storms off, she proves him right by immediately going to bed with the guy (later she also takes a bath with her beau’s roommate, for no apparent reason, and makes fun of the poor guy’s equipment). This movie seems to want to be some kind of free-spirited/ swinging feminist thing in the spirit of Emmanuelle Arsan or Erica Jong, but the character is mostly just hateful, coming across as both a malicious tease AND a brain-dead slut. And I don’t even want to talk about the horrible music on the soundtrack. . .

See this film if you must, but I would recommend instead any of the “Emmanuelle” films (especially the ones with Laura Gemser), “Vanessa” (with Olivia Pascal) or “Avere Vent’anni”, which has a very similar plot to this one but is infinitely better. I enjoy these kind of films generally, but I can’t recommend this one I’m afraid.