Alma Corsária (1993)

AKA Buccaneer Soul

“Alma Corsária is a portrait of 50 years of Brazilian life through an interconnected series of dramatic, magical-realist or absurd vignettes.”

Friends since their early teens, sickly poet Rivaldo and burly bourgeois Teodoro release a book called “Western Feeling”. During the launch party, at a seedy place called Spiritual Pastry Shop, they meet people that remember them of several episodes from their youth, mostly in the 1960s, a time of social, cultural and political upheaval. A poetic film inspired by the director’s life, who, in his own words, belonged to a generation that “believed in utopia”. Cast: Andrea Richa, Flor, Mariana de Moraes, Jackeline Olivier, Rosana Seligmann