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Rosalie se découvre (1985)

Director: Michel Lemoine (as Michel Leblanc)
Studio: Alpha France, Les Films Michel Lemoine, R.M.L., Yvofilm AG

Starring: Olinka Hardiman, Gabriel Pontello, Dominique Saint Claire, Andre Kay, Virginie Chevrier, Agnes Ardant, Silvio Rey, Michelle Villers
—Rosalie has not forgotten her first ‘tumbles’ with her fiance on the hood of a car. But it’s as a doctor that she will be introduced to pleasures and extreme enjoyment that she does not suspect. The innocent girl turns completely around and become an insatiable sexual Assistant passionately sharing the voracious desires and the debauchery without limits of her initiator.

First of all radiant and nature then elated and surprisingly perverse, Olinka is the ideal actress of a subject so lustful. One of the greatest successes of the X French cinema released on September 19, 1984 in the Alpha France movie theaters.
—Rosalie goes to the big city (Zurich) to work as an assistant to Dr. Palmer. As they arrive he is having sex on his desk with his brunette nurse Corinne (XNK0361). On her first day in the job a female patient (Agnes Ardent) masturbates and has sex with a male patient (the John Leslie lookalike from French Satisfaction and Diamond Baby) in the waiting room watched by the other waiting patients after reading one of the sexy magazines Dr. Palmer has supplied for patients. Advised by Corinne, Rosalie changes her image from a sweet, nice girl into a sexy woman (after a g/g session with the blonde owner of a boutique – XNK0362), and immediately gets an invitation to spend the weekend with the doctor. When her fiance (Andre Kay) comes to visit her, but does not find her home, he and the doctor’s wife, Brigitte (Dominique Saint Claire) have sex together, then make a plan to get their partners back on the yearly masked ball by wearing identical costumes to the doctor and Rosalie. Corinne, the patients who had sex in the waiting room, the blonde boutique owner, Esther Allen and some extra males and females attend this party cum orgy. The boutique owner has g/g sex with a brunette who may not have been Corinne. The fiance reveals himself to Rosalie while they are making love and they run off back home, leaving the orgy in full swing behind them. There she invites him to spend the night with her in her room, to be discovered by her prim and proper mother in the morning.

Alternate Titles
Blondes Like It Hot
L’Initiation de Rosalie Alpha France VHS title, 1 hr 37 mins.
Marilyn – Heisse Körper in höchster Lust Herzog, 1 hr 33 mins.
Rosalie – Heiße Körper
Rosalie a depravada Brazil
Rosalie the Country Girl
Rosalie, ou la debauche d’une adolescente
Rosalie: Blondes Like It Hot