L’amour de Laure (1996)

Venus, the Roman goddess of love, visits present day Budapest to help people there, both men and women, have more sex, including sex with her.

I hope Laure Sinclair has a fan club or some sort of cult, since she was the classy European porn star of the ’90s, never as successful as more publicized figures like Sarah Young or Silvia Saint, but a class act. L’AMOUR DE LAURE (her name often appeared in her film titles, like Aunt Peg) finds her directed by fellow superstar Christophe Clark.

Feature opens fantasy like in mists at a castle, scene then shifting to Budapest (locale of choice at the time for Italian and French pornographers fed up with trekking to Prague) where Laure is the Goddess of Love (and I thought that was Sarah’s official title), there to get the locals to make love.

Resulting vignettes are not much story-wise as auteur Clark is more interested in quality sex as his content. A young man humps his wife in bed; Laure dressed in a business suit causes some trouble out on the street; a guy f*cks his secretary; there’s lesbian sex with Anita Blond;

Laure watches a foursome at the office including a d.p.; and Anita humps Clark.

Scenario takes a U-turn at this point, with Laure checking out the classified ads for job opportunities. She seduces Mike Foster; it seems just to be a dream for him, but his clothes are stained afterward. Sinclair masturbates while watching a couple in the street and then works as a streetwalker in a slutty outfit.

Clark humps her in the woods. Later when he’s telling a buddy an anecdote, Laure materializes magically and brings in Erika Bella and another friend for a 5- some. Bella gets a d.p., and after the money shots the girls disappear.

Non-ending has Laure admiring the city at night, noting “Now I can move on to the next town”.

I’m not sure what Clark is trying to accomplish here – I guess he was just high when he wrote the nonsensical script.

Alternate Titles
Il Morbido culo di Laura Italy
Notes:Video Marc Dorcel