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Messo comunale praticamente spione (1982)

Alternate Titles
Black Emanuelle in the Country on-screen title, 73 minutes, soft vn.
Emanuelle in the Country
L’Infermiera di campagna alternative soft version, 74 mins.
Messo comunale soft version, 84 mins.

Director: Mario Bianchi
With: Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Cándida López, Aldo Sambrell, Roberto Gallozzi, Nino Terzo, Aldo Ralli, Tony Raggetti, Lorna Green, Nino Carbone, Antonella Prati, Ivan Rassimov, Mark Shannon, Femi Benussi

Storyline: When Emanuelle (Gemser) arrives in the small Italian village heads start turning and eyes start popping. All males in the town are falling all over themselves trying to get a look (or a feel) of the new doctor. One in particular is the fiancee of the mayor’s daughter. A kind of “Hatfield’s and McCoy’s” feud with a political twist has been going on and the young lovers’ families are, unfortunately, on opposite sides. Emanuelle’s shower becomes the target of a gang of voyeurs, including the pillars of the community. She uses it as a stage to taunt the watchers to charge into her apartment on the notion that she is showering with the mayor’s daughter’s fiancee. Instead of what they expected, they find the two young lovers in bed. Can Emanuelle shame them into allowing the marriage that they had been preventing? Written by mjstock

Synopsis: In Bolsena, a small town of Tuscia, comes the beautiful Dr. Selene. In the village, right in the pre-election climate, the outgoing mayor, the Democrat White, is in direct conflict with the Communist Red. As you perform relentless struggles of the mayor and his son, Mark plans to marry Stephanie, the daughter of his father dell’acerrimo, all men of the country began to experience frequent fainting fits …