Luxure (1976)

Alternate Titles
Everybody’s UK title
Laure, perverse et nymphomane ?
Pornolujuria Spain, DVD title 2002, soft version
Sweet Taste of Honey hard core version, USA title, VCX

Max Pecas was one of the best directors of erotic films, and he was at the top of his game with “Luxure”, and it is a shame he stopped making erotica after this film. On the other hand, “Luxure” would have been a tough act to follow. Everything about this film lives up to the title “Luxury” — the beautiful European cinematography, lush music on the soundtrack, and the exquisite-beyond-belief Karine Gambier, who is flawless in the lead role.

Pecas elicits a thoughtful performance from Ms. Gambier, but only he and Jess Franco seemed to recognize her acting talents as well as her perfect body. She made many other adult films but she was never really called upon to act in them like she had to do for Pecas and Franco.

“Luxure” is filled with memorable sequences, with the champagne scene, the slow dance three-way, and the film’s climactic scene all being highly erotic, satisfying, and absolutely artistic in every sense of the word. (Don’t overlook all of those mannequins!) This film has been retitled many times, and it also known as “Midnight Party” (not to be confused with the Franco film of the same title) and “Clockwork Nympho”.