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La dottoressa di campagna (1981)

Director: Mario Bianchi
Studio: Cinevideo 80

Starring: Mark Shannon, Antonella Antinori, Marina Hedman, Guia Lauri Filzi, Helen Rito, Enzo Garinei, Nino Terzo, Aldo Ralli, Enzo Andronico, Gino Pagnani, Pauline Teutscher
—There are too many qualitative differences between soft and hard scenes and, from the scarce available info’s, a hard version was planned but never released for unknown reasons. The sex-scenes in the soft version are cleary interrupted and the full scenes were then recycled for movies such as “Chiamate 6969 taxi per signora” and more.
—In a countryside village, beautiful lady doctor Barbara (Antonella Antinori) attracts the stares of men and women as she walks down the street to her clinic … the men stare at her with carnal desire while the women are envious of her beauty and brain. Her clinic attracts many men, some of them pretending to be sick, who want to spend some time just to be with her. Then there is this playboy super stud named Gustavo (Mark Shannon) who has slept with nearly every woman in the village, from the wives of the mayor, the pharmacist to that of the farmer. Gustavo now eyes Dr. Barbara who seems aloof and out of reach of the men folks. Gustavo begins to woo Dr. Barbara taking her to a cozy restaurant and pops her with champagne in an exclusive bar. However Dr. Barbara is hiding a dark secret only known to her and Gustavo is going to be shocked when he takes her to bed

Alternate Titles
La Porno dottoressa di campagna uncut version