Perfektion in allen Stellungen (1971)

Alternate Titles
Autostop Lustreport original title
Brummi, sein Kolben läuft auch ohne Diesel soft
Lass jucken, Trucker soft, video and DVD title
Director:Hans D. Bornhauser as Barny Bornhauser
Notes:Mike Hunter video title with hardcore inserts in what was originally a softcore comedy

A typical silly German sex comedy about two truck drivers, Klaus and latino lover Caruso. It was originally a softcore film and hardcore inserts, mostly close-ups, but including one full scene involving Renate Ruhland, were added a couple of years later.

Oskar Schmöller, the choleric patron of a haulage firm, has a big problem. Unfortunately 5000 chickens have died in his depot and he must get rid of them immediately. Normally he’s a real slave driver but now he orders his clueless drivers to have some extended breaks on their tour. The reason is that he wants the truck to be stolen.

On their way Caruso tells his colleague a lot about his sexual adventures on the road. Later on they arrive at ‘Laila’s Bar’ where Klaus offers the barmaid some golden bangles. He’s overheard by some dubious characters, who now come to believe that the cargo consists of valuable jelwery.

Meanwhile Oskar monitors his drivers distrustfully.

While they have sex with a hooker in a barn they get overwhelmed, but unfortunately Oskar steals back his own truck and finds his two drivers in chains on the load area.

The two guys then continue their tour and stay at Lilo’s for the night. She is one of Caruso’s favourites. Meanwhile Oskar and his assistant get surprised by a policeman near their truck. He regards them as thieves but they flee in the dark of the night.

By today’s standards the sex is quite conventional and lacks a bit of variety (partly a consequence of the film’s softcore origins); so I would recommend this title only to collectors.