Top Girl (1997)

Director: Joe D’Amato

Patricia (Carla Solaro) is a young beautiful girl living in a small town. One day she has the chance of a lifetime, as she is chosen among many other girls to play the main role on a TV series. She leaves everything behind and moves to Los Angeles to begin a new life. Once there she becomes a TV star and falls in love with Mike (Robert Madison), the cynical and unscrupulous manager of the network. But to find her she still has much to learn.

Cult director Joe D’amato leads an all star cast for this erotic tale in the depraved world of TV business. With Carla Solaro (Paprika, P.O.Box Tinto Brass, Black angel), Robert Madison (The Card player, Mother of tears) and Sonia Topazio (The Stendhal syndrome, Gaston Leroux’s The Wax mask).