Hausfrauen-Report (1971)

A rare entry in cult starlet Sybil Danning’s filmography. Previously released in a heavily cut version known as “Housewifes Report.” This is the uncut original German-language edition with no subtitles.

With the success of the Schulmadchen Report films, producer Wolf C. Hartwig launched another not-as-successful series featuring the infidelities of cloistered wives. The ad copy read: “What is shown in this full-length motion picture has never seen on the screen before! – Case history after case history of housewifes’ infidelity! – And how they do it!” Danning makes an early starring role in one of the film’s episodes as an unfaithful wife; also starring the usual bevy of German lovelies and series regulars including Angelika Baumgart, Astrid Boner, Elisabeth Volkmann and Doris Arden.

Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide wrote:

What do attractive German housewives do when their career-minded husbands leave the house for a long day at the office? This docudrama-styled film makes an attempt to appear serious as we peek through keyholes into the lives of these active women. Surrounding these vignettes is a breathlessly concerned narrative which details a mass of documentation from national studies and reports about adultery and divorce rates in Germany.