I eromeni (1982)

Alternate Titles: The Ambitious Lover, I eromeni, La Amante ambiciosa

Directed by: Omiros Efstratiadis

Written by: Sergio Bergonzelli, Giannis Sklavos

Cast: María José Cantudo, Andreas Barkoulis, Ajita Wilson, Pepe Martín, Claudia Gravy, Nino Bastida, Giannis Kostis, Maria Furnaraki, Costas Bakalis, Spyros Drosos, Nella Drouvi

Description: A director/producer who is already indebted to his creditors for 15 million drachmas and also in bad terms with his wife,a rich sculptress who keeps him attached to her & her fortune in an arrogant way, falls in love with a dancer during her audition for his new theatre show.  Attraction is mutual and she soon becomes his mistress as well as a successful performer. The only problem is she doesn’t like sharing him, so the wife must be eliminated.  Passionate Lovers is pretty sleazy Greek crime drama with plenty of sex and nudity.