El último pecado de la burguesía (1978)

El Ultimo Pecado de la Burguesia  is a Spanish movie by Enrique Guevara. I really hesitated to categorize this one. It starts as some kind of serious drama about a mature woman who meets another, younger one. They become friends and start going places together, doing things, even going on a holiday and sleeping in the same bed, but it’s all very proper until they meet a young man. At this point, the movie suddenly turns into a softcore epic, with the younger woman seducing first the man then her friend. And then they have a threesome, and then another threesome, and then another, so much that you begin to wonder if they’ll be having threesomes for the whole damn remaining length of the movie. But just when it threatens to become tedious, bang ! the older woman is raped by two thugs, much unhappiness ensues and it all ends in tragedy ! So exploitation it is ! The sex scenes are sometimes rather explicit for softcore, and the rape scene is as nasty as they come,.

One of the two women is played by Raquel Evans who, according to imdb, was the director’s sister.  How weird can it be to direct you own sister in a sex scene ?