La femme en spirale (1984)

From the DVD cover (my translation) :”A producer offers Charlotte the opportunity to direct an erotic movie. She diverts the project and directs instead a series of portraits of marginal women. Charlotte, who has a hard time finding herself, will take advantage of this investigating movie to try and better understand her relations with the men in her life.This movie is almost unreleased and occupies a very special slot in Jean-François Davy’s body of work. It includes somes of the director’s favourite themes : problems in a couple, erotic relations or how to shoot sex scenes are indeed present in La Femme en Spirale. But Jean-François Davy himself says that this amazing movie is a cinematographical UFO. A curiosity to be discovered as soon as possible.”Indeed, this is more a psychological drama, partly about porn, than a porn movie, although it includes a fair share of nudity and softcore sex, as the screenshots below demonstrate. And it’s fairly interesting, I must say, although the actors are mostly so-so. You’ll find a very complete (if rather excessively enthusiastic) review if it on the imdb page.