Savage Streets (1984)

Savage Streets is a 1984 Vigilante-Exploitation film starring Linda Blair, of Exorcist fame.

An altercation between a group of girls out for the night and a gang of local punks leaves the punks vowing revenge. It comes in the form of the gang-rape of a young mute (Heather) and her older sister (Brenda) starts hunting the gang in turn – armed with bear traps and crossbow.

Freddie Young of Full Moon Reviews said “Savage Streets is a film I had never seen before until now and I’m really ashamed by that because it rocked my socks off. Obviously a Death Wish ripoff, Savage Streets is perfect 80s exploitation, with nudity, over-the-top acting and dialogue, and plot elements that aren’t subtle and are quite disturbing on paper.”

The Vocabulariast of said “the film is pretty damn bad in several areas. But for those that like to seek out terribly cheesy flicks that are just so damn bad that you can’t help but love them, Savage Streets is just the thing to cure your jones for classic ‘80s garbage.”

Ned Daigle of BMN Review disliked the film and said “Everything about “Savage Streets” is bad, from the acting, to the screenplay, to the direction, to even the horrid music score and songs performed by John Farnham who sounds like the unholy lovechild of Loverboy and Foreigner.

Deplorable is the only word I can come up with as a description. See “Savage Streets” at your own risk.”