Tomboy (1983)

Director: Howard Christian
Studio: VCX

Starring: Klaus Multia, Rosemarie, Kay Parker, Laurien Wilde, Marc Wallice, Melanie Scott, Karen Summer, Steve Douglas, Tom Byron
—The ultimate tight end! Melanie was “one of the boys,” a Tomboy, until one day, as she stands naked in front of the mirror, and feels a spark of sexual electricity in the air. A woman is born! It doesn’t take long for this tomboy to realize that she would much rather suck a dick than grow one herself
—A female football player, who is a self-proclaimed tomboy, gets teased by her young neighbor about her virginity. Though protesting loudly, she does decide to act on it. She therefore goes on a date and has sex with her date in the back of his van. Meanwhile, her brother Teddy steps out of the shower naked just when his older neighbor accidentally walks in. He asks her to leave, but moments after he enters his room, the buxom neighbor barges in nude, throws him on the bed and dives down successfully for his privates. After he finally manages to stop her, they engage in consensual sex. She later explains she was inactive since her husband divorced her for a younger woman

  • Scene 1. Laurien Wilde, Tom Byron
  • Scene 2. Laurien Wilde, Klaus Multia
  • Scene 3. Kay Parker, Marc Wallice
  • Scene 4. Melanie Scott
  • Scene 5. Tom Byron
  • Scene 6. Rosemarie, Melanie Scott, Karen Summer
  • Scene 7. Melanie Scott, Steve Douglas