Bacanais na Ilha das Ninfetas (1982)

First things firts: this is not XXX! But it’s so damn near…You all know cinematographer/director Oswaldo de Oliveira (1931 – 1990) , a kind of Brazilian Joa D’Amato. He brought us jews like Amazon Jail (1982) and the wonderful Bare Behind Bars (1980)- one of the best titles ever created. Would you ever believe he was gay?
With Bacanais na Ilha das Ninfetas, literally translated as Bacchanalia on the Island of Nymphets, Oswaldo almost cross the porn barrier. It’s the story of romantic singer Dick Boy, who finds a treasue on an islad with the held of five very horny girls, the nymphets from the title. They hevaetheir pubic hair in the shape of a heart, each one with one color. Isn’t is cute? Of course problems arise when ambition turn the girls agains each other.
Among the ladies are Jussara Calmon, who then turn to porn, and star Zilda Mayo, one of the most prolific actresses of Brzilian erotic cinema. She even participated in some porn productions, but not doing xxx scenes.
The copy is pretty shitty, but its the best I could find. Enjoy one more Brazilian classic. In Portuguese only.