The Postgraduate Course in Sexual Love (1970)

Yet another white-coater has some scenes of unsimulated sex but everything else is strictly softcore. Lots of interesting graphics and historical photos.
This porn curio is only of interest to fans (or archaeologists) of the old genre: the sex education film. Others need not apply. A professor in a sex-education class gives his students a lecture on sexual practices, which are then demonstrated on screen.
Porn veteran John Dullaghan stars in a non-sex role for a change, a professor who literally reads the lengthy narration to his class of college kids, as we see sex acts depicted before our very eyes. It’s mostly softcore, but there is just enough explicit action here to hopefully bring in bigger audiences.
It’s a long movie and suffers from the sex demos going on & on & on, but is entertaining especially as background.
Some of the actresses are quite attractive, notably a black girl with dark nipples featured in a mixed combo scene, and the gimmick is that all the sex performers are also shown as innocent, if bored, looking students sitting in class.
Dullaghan takes us through a history of sexual taboos, providing the porn proselytizing that has always been a feature of these movies (e.g., Sex: Good, Repression: Bad). One segment has homosexual sex including shots of   fellatio between two guys, unusual but not unheard of in mainstream porn at the time. Low budget is tipped off, as always, by several segments of dirty feet -how hard would it be to wash up and use makeup before shooting a scene? In cheapo porn the answer is always: time is money.
Film ends with Dullaghan showing the class an 11-minute documentary short titled “Know VD, No VD” (hosted by pipe smoking professor type) in which we get the usual scare message, plus streets shots of people in downtown New York and theater marquees displaying TOO LATE THE HERO, VIOLENT BUNCH, STOP TRAIN 349 and GUNS AT BATASI, the type of various era action pics then playing on 42nd Street. Background music is from a band called Cheyenne, who sound a lot like Country Joe & the Fish (which is a good thing).