Flores de la pasión (Flowers of Passion) (2005)


To obtain ‘the Flores’ was not easy, spent the months and at the end they was arrived. In principle they seemed two films, but both were carried out by the same poker of actresses: Fata Morgana, Carmen Montes, Rachel Sheppard and Lina Romay, …also they were both produced by Manacoa, the own producer of Jess.

The same music, the sound track of Jess & White, the same location, a room in a hotel of Malaga, and surely rolled at the same time, one in the morning and the other in the evening. By all this dared to me to surely consider that it was the same structured film in two parts, something that already happened also in ‘caverna’, ….then it is a film of 191 minutes, one of the films longest of the history.

Indeed, both films present/display the minimum argument and the maximum of naked, we could say that a naked argument in all dimensions appears to us. On the other way always I have considered that within the films of Jess hides ancestral secrets that can arrive to release our minds and to transfer us to other deep spaces.

I cannot avoid the disquieting relation, tribute without a doubt, of ‘the Flores’ de Jess with ‘the flowers of the Evil’ de Boudelaire, and the poem Lesbos (v):

Really these verses describe the kisses of the protagonists and surely it is a fantasy of the very same Jess that narrates placidly with long scenes of naked bodies, open and humid sexes of happiness. Adding a scene where Fata shaves the sex of its partner, remember its practices of ‘Vampire Junction’. This scene is repeated in the second part how reference to texts of Sade in which it says that the sex of the woman is so beautiful that not hide-and-seek can after three sad hairs.

I dare to suggest the argument is other,and more complicated.

Indeed, Sheppard is watching its future, while remembers where it enjoyed the company, moments that are discovered in the second part ‘the flowers of Pervert ion’.

The first scenes of ‘Flowers of Pervertion show the happy moments to us of the Lina-Sheppard pair in the bed, but then the doublings hidden desires of Lina towards the perversion bring about the explained rupture of the first part.

In this second part narrates like the female leader of club, the two personage of Lina, recruit to new whores that they are those that Raquel had been looking in the first part from the window of its apartment. Having been able to verify all their ‘sexart’ in the previous film, Raquel recommends to the funny lesbians for the position of women of happy life.

The female leader uses to the pair of lesbians whores so that they torture a man. At the moment they appear, voice in off, the writings of Sade in all their fullness, asking the women who detest and assassinate the men, because they do not need them and they are hairy and sweaty.

The tortures to whore are extremely sadistic: they crucify it, they bite sex eagerly to him and they violate in the end it with a hook. The crucifixion, in symbolic sense, talks about to the key suffering of the contradiction and the ambivalence: penance and salvation or the condemnation. Thus the Cross between the Moon and the Sun, like contrast of sexes that in addition set out consequent and the antecedent of the life, the past and the future.

Lina, not satisfied with this execrable test, asks the innocents (¿x?) young people who also martyr to a poor man until the death by castration, its manly member in the end forces and them to eat, in an ancestral rite of cannibalism to obtain the energy of the enemy, the eternal power and the glory.

Raquel see horrified as Lina has become crazy, is not forgiven to have given to the two girls to that one irrational bloody madness and returns to its apartment from where it watches with his prisms binocular the neighboring perverted ones, from its past, in a temporary curl, there where the same essence of the universe twists.

In the end Sheppard commits suicide throwing itself by the window, or tunnel of the time, to fall between the sweepings, and from its floor the happy pair observes astonished this macabre epilogue, and to return immediately to the bed and to continue with its sexual acts. Although in the following scene they mix Eros and Thánathos, to remember to us that the life and the death always together , and in the film they connect with a lesbian kiss.

With ‘the Flowers of the Passion’ and ‘the Flowers of Pervert ion’ we discovered ‘model Jess’, a music, erotic movements, naked bodies, a combination of impossible planes, that they are possible to be recombined of diverse ways to construct a multiple and eternal film.

When already you take more than three hours of film and your fixed eyes in the screen observe the dance of the attractive bodies in fine lingerie, with the music of basic jazz and the special effects bombing of colors your eyes, you arrive at a hypnotic state transfers that you to other dimensions. It is then when you wake up to you suddenly outside your body and you are observed there same seated, in the armchair, place setting of dust and with a Coca-Cola Light illuminating your hand. And around you choir of angels they develop weird dances until becoming demons who attack to you cruelly.

Your heart is accelerated, the blood flows, and to fine the Light.