Dolce… calda Lisa (1980)

Great slice of 80’s Italian sleaze starring the beautiful Claudia Rocchi, Mario Cutini (Day of Violence, Play Motel), Enzo Fisichella (Play Motel) and Italian porno regular Guia Lauri Filzi.

Plot outline:
The film is centered around Lisa, who is a young & pretty wife stuck in a marriage with a much older husband who cannot satisfy her sexually or in any other way. Become bored with her routine life, she eventually cheats on her husband and sleeps with another older man.
Still not satisfied she eventually hooks up with a rich sleazebag (Enzo Fisichella) who introduces her to a young stud (Mario Cutini) and his two lesbian playmates. At this party, Lisa is taken by the young man while the other watch…this experience seems to do the trick for Lisa. Her curiosity for the young man deepens and she decides that she wants to see him again. However, it turns out that the guy is a bit of a thug and not the gentle lover that she thought he