Josefine Mutzenbacher … wie sie wirklich war Teil 4 (1982)

Alternate Titles
Insatiable Janine USA Joséfine Mutzenbacher, plus salope que moi… tu meurs France, VHS, Coll. Prestige Exhibitions, vol. 8 Joséphine plus salope que moi, tu meurs!

Josephine’s adventures continue. (Some of them adapt incidents seen in Die Biechte der Josefine Mutzenbacher.)The film starts at a party-cum-orgy which she attends with a brunette, a protegée (XNK0179). There is a blonde dancing (Margit Ojetz) to begin with and various participants including XNK0177.The brunette takes her first client at an inn. then is discovered with the innkeepr by his wife (XNK0180). Meanwhile Josephine meets a couple of soldiers, one of whom is pleasured by two girls, XNK1282 and XNK0182.Then she hooks up with a rich old man and has a baby, but this could be as a result of her other adventures, including a threesome with an artist hired by the old man to paint her portrait and his other model, a black girl, XNK0176.