Laia (2016)

Based on the famous novel by Salvador Espriu, the film ‘Laia’ is set in the imaginary village of Poet, a fishing village inhabited by a number of extreme characters, doomed inevitably to the adversities of fate. There lives Laia, a beautiful woman marked by an  unhappy childhood and now seemingly in an unhappy marriage , who starts dreaming of freedom while facing the hatred & disapproval of the conservative village community. A story of betrayal , lust and love ,  this new film adaptation, directed by Lluís Danés, creates a magical atmosphere to explain a delicate and tragic story of fatal destiny. Filmed in Arenys de Mar , “Laia” was conceived as a visual extravaganza with a magnificent theatrical work by Sylvia Steinbrecht.

Director: Lluís Danés
Screenplay: Lluís Arcarazo and Maria Jaén based on the novel by Salvador Espriu
Producer: Raimon Masllorens

Cast: Miranda Gas (Laia) Ivan Benet (Quelot) Roger Casamajor (Stephen), Miquel Fernández (Anton) Clàudia Benito (Anneta), Anna Cases (Paulina), Joan Crosas (Fenosa), Montserrat Carulla (frigate), Jacob Torres (Chem), Boris Ruiz (Endalet) Pep Sais (Sacristan Ventura) and Pep Cruz (Mossèn Gaspar)