Lust For Freedom (1987)

Director: Eric Louzil
Studio: Vinegar Syndrome, Mesa Films, Troma Entertainment, Mesa Films / Troma

Starring: Melanie Coll, William J. Kulzer, Judi Trevor, Howard Knight, Elizabeth Carlisle, Dee Booher, John Tallman, Rob Rosen, Shea Porter, Donna Lederer, Rick Crews, Elizabeth Carroll, Lor Stickel, Joan Tixei, Raymond Oceans

—After her boyfriend is brutally murdered in a sting operation, special agent Gillian Kaites is implicated in the slaying and is sentenced to prison. While behind bars, she discovers a shocking web of corruption and begins to plot a bloody revenge in this action and T & A filled Troma classic from director Eric Louzil and producer Lloyd Kaufman
—A former female cop is framed by corrupt police, acting in collusion with the local judge, and has to fight her way out of the pen, alone, against tough inmates, and the people in charge.

Alternative Title:
Unschuldig gefangen