Pornographie chez Madame Saint-Claude (1975)

Alternate Titles
Les Chattes brûlantes de Madame Saint-Claude
Les Filles de Madame Saint-Claude
Das Nobel-bordell Von Paris
Pornographie chez Madame Claude
Die Schülerinnen der Madame St. Claude Mike Hunter video title Sextreme Nobelmösen Mike Hunter

Denise Dax
Erika Cool as Laura Laure, plays Gina
Eva Khris plays Eva
Hélène Chevallier non h/c, as Marie-Hélène Chevallot
Isabeau as Isabelle Lautrec, non-sex, plays Madame Saint Claude
Olga Adabache non-sex, plays Mademoiselle Katouchka, the ballet teacher

Gina enrolls in a small finishing school for young women, run by Madame Claude. As well as the ballet demonstrations and lessons in deportment and archery, there are other lessons which have a distinctly sexual emphasis. This establishment turns out to be a brothel for the nobility, where they can act out their fantasies with the students