Après-ski (1971)

Starring Daniel Pilon, Mariette Lévesque, Céline Lomez and Angèle Coutu.
Directed by: Roger Cardinal.

Personal rip. This is a rad early 70’s sex Comedy/Exploitation flick with an abundance of boobs and flesh in general.

“Journey back to the sexually liberal world of 1971 Canada, where hunky ski instructors find wintertime fun with a bevy of beautiful snow bunny students. Céline Lomez and future U.S. soap celeb Daniel Pilon star in this sex farce on the slopes. Filmed in the gorgeous mountains of Quebec, Snowballin’ — also known as Après-Ski — features lots of naughty humor and a hip soundtrack.” – Back of DVD case.

IMDB user comment to get the jist of things:

“If you like movies with no plot and lots of pretty girls, Snowballing is for you. It’s about a couple of days in the life of a handsome ski instructor (Daniel Pilon who is way too good for this movie) and his amorous encounters while on the slopes. It’s supposed to be a comedy but the humor is at the level of a 1920’s bedroom farce, with lots of nudity added in. There’s even a scene at the end in which two beautiful women are seen skinny-skiing. Celine Lomez is certainly easy on the eyes but the makers really should have tried a little harder to have added at least a hint of a plot to this film.”