A Noite das Taras (1980)

One of Brazilain classic erotic films from the early 80’s. A Noite das Taras (Perversion Night ).

The “episodes movie” format, so spread in the 1970 years, served as an excuse so that mediocre moviemakers from the Brazilian Cinema tried to make money at the middle of the peak of Boca do Lixo´s neighborhood, a libertine paradise from the São Paulo city a long time ago. If however productions like Pintando o Sexo (Painting The Sex) already appeared for something more creative than illogical tales spiced with suggestive situations, David Cardoso’s project next to his partner Ody Fraga on a film that shook the conventions from those times took full effect, with huge cash boxes and some more condescending critics’ applause.

Perversions Night begins with a prologue where three solitary sailors disembark for, each one to their way, pass situations between the supernatural and the unusual, with dissociated ends. On the opening episode (Erico´s Letter) -directed by the controversial John Doo- a note should be given to a woman who plans to commit suicide in a São Paulo´s apartment. The mysterious sender, who finds the first sailor in mysterious circumstances, demands the letter delivery at any cost, motivating the couple’s erotic encounter.

For the following episode (Fish Out Of Water), David Cardoso takes charge of placing colossal Matilde Mastrangi as a “femme fatalle” who plans to use the second sailor in an assault to her own husband. After an hallucinating fuck on a town hostel, the crime is perpetrated with tragic issue, in the molds of the most vulgar Pulp mags.

There is who considers the third part (Julio And The Paradise) the best among the three, thanks to the direction of brilliant Ody Fraga, a perversion master, that places the oldest of the three sailors on a hippie commune of five young girls decided to provoke him a heart attack after uninterrupted orgy. Fraga turns the experience into a delicious “nightmare” for the protagonist, until the awaited climax end the movie without much refinements.

What does of Perversion Night interesting, is the novelistic rhythm unprovided of the false and common intelectualoid habits from the Brazilian Cinema of psychological focus. Declaredly opportunist as any production originating from Boca do Lixo, it presents flaws -the trio of characters moors at the Rio de Janeiro pier with the plot happening between Santos and São Paulo- but already uprises over contemporary samples less interesting.

Main Cast:
Arlindo Barreto … First Sailor
Pericles Campos … Second Sailor
Wilson Júnior
Joyce Laine (as Joycelaine)
Selma Martins
Matilde Mastrangi … Susana
Marthus Mathias … Cesar
Roque Rodrigues
Arthur Roveder
Célia Santos
Patrícia Scalvi … Cibele Marcondes
Kátia Spencer
Vandi Zachias (as Walderlei Zachias)