Le miroir du désir (1996)

Director: Servais Mont
Studio: ISATAE, M6

Starring: Julia Austin, Clara Mars, Patrick Hamel, Marie-France Henry, Donn Martin, Drunna
—Linda has decided to give her husband, John, a very special birthday gift: she organizes a fake audition for an erotic dance show that will never take place in order to use young dancers to fulfill her own fantasies as well as John’s.

—Linda, an American choreographer in Paris, is looking for an original birthday gift for her husband, Jean. She organizes a fake audition for an erotic dance show in New York. While they are choosing dancers they are fulfilling their fantasies. Three dancers attract her attention: the couple of Daniel and Laure and Sophie. She seduces Daniel and pushes Sophie into the arms of her husband and destines Laure to the final surprise. But Laure soon understands the aim of these rehearsals and prefers to leave the class. Indeed she refuses to be a gift offered to Jean, while she just thought to come and dance to entertain.

Alternative Title:
Lovestruck: Laure