Innamorata (1995)

Starring: Malu, Saverio Vallone, Antonio Zequila, Cristina Barsacchi, Carlo Granchi, Valeria Favaro, Raffaele Orselli, Roberto Francesconi, Irina Sidorovskaia, Deborah Call
Description: Carlo lives with Marisa and his brother Nino in a villa. Nino relates with difficulty to the other sex and so Marisa devises a plan to solve the problem with the help of her beautiful niece Giusy. She tries to seduce Nino in difficulty. They ask for help from the gardener Marco and a tourist camping with friends on the beach of the villa. A swirl of meetings between all the guests of the villa solves the question

Director: Nini Grassia
Studio: PAG

Alternative Title:
A Big Love