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Sophie, petite fille perverse (1978)

The opening credits give: Alexandra Trafalgar, Alda France, Cathy Stewart, Hervé Amalou, Gabriel Pontello and Max Montavon (a straight – although obviously gay! – actor). The end credits give: Penelope Ulysse, Deborah, Sylvie Schmidt, Lily d’Ukraine, Piotr Zielinsky and Jean-Michel Zelinsky (note the Russian touch which expands to the whole crew).

The men are Gabriel Pontello (Thierry Granval, the photographer), Ivan Slav (Ernest the chauffeur), Hervé Amalou – I think I’ve seen this name before, the man is familiar (Jean-Marc, the male model) and Max Montavon (Thierry’s boss).

The story is that of Thierry who is a fashion photographer who goes to work for the Countess and turns into a porn photographer. The film opens with him shooting photos of a model (non sex) in the street. They move to a studio where Barbara Moose joins in. She tries to induce the first model into some more explicit modelling but she refuses and leaves. Barbara Moose dances naked in front of Thierry and soon they have sex.

Thierry gets a phone call from his “boss” who wants to introduce him to a Countess de Saint-Brêche, hinting at her very peculiar way of behaving. The countess wants Thierry to take photos of her. He soon discovers that these photos involve her with her driver Ernest and a plump girl. After a few shots, he joins them and the threesome becomes a foursome.

Thierry calls three models (Juliana, Antonia and Jean-Pierre) for the following day. Once they are together, the daughter of the countess rings and joins them to help them meet her mother’s desire. In order to do so, she strips and draws everybody into an orgy. (Notice Morgane’s very unusual hairdo – must be one of her very first appearances).

Later the countess, masturbating on the back seat of her car, fetches Thierry to see if her daughter has been of some use to him. She sucks him in the car travelling through a snowy landscape and Ernest stops the car and joins them. At the end of the film, Thierry decides to shoot only porn photos and so do his models. Morgane masturbates on her bed. The film ends on a studio orgy, involving the three models, in front of Thierry’s camera.