Passi furtivi in una notte boia (1976)

A movie by Vincenzo Rigo with Carmen Villani, Walter Chiari, Gianni Cavina, Carlo Delle Piane, Carlo Croccolo, Ugo Bologna, Pippo Santonastaso.

Comedy provincial modeled on The Usual unknown and renewed with the appeal of Villani, who here, however lavish free-range rather than its sympathy with the natural. If the plot does not reserve big surprises, but the supporting cast is interesting, coming from the old Italian comedy (Clare and plan in mind), the film avatiane and / or dialect theater bolognese (Cavina, Orlando, Bona, Bianchi, Lucchini). Angrisano – typical Southern Marshal transplanted to the north – is voiced by Lino Banfi.

Actors: Carmen Villani