Play Motel (1979)

This thriller/mystery/sex-film hybrid focuses around the Play Motel, right outside of town, where rich businessmen shack up with busty prostitutes to live out their kinky sex fantasies. But unknown to them, their perverse sex acts are photographed from the room next door through a two-way mirror, and the rich guys soon find themselves being blackmailed. Shortly afterwards, the hookers working at Play Motel start being murdered. A young couple, Roberto and Patrizia (Ray Lovelock and Anna Maria Rizzoli), stop at the Play Motel for a quickie and later discover a woman’s corpse in the trunk of their car. Risking their own lives, Roberto and Patrizia start playing amateur sleuths to find out just what’s going on at Play Motel …

This was a great and very sleazy film. The whole murder mystery plot is nothing but an excuse to show as many sex scenes as possible. Which isn’t a bad thing, I hasten to add. A lot of the sex is just softcore but there are also a couple of hard scenes:

The first hard scene is between businessman Mr. Cortesi (played by Enzo Fisichella) and prostitute Loredana (played by Marina Frajese), where Marina dons a nun’s habit while Fisichella dresses up in a devil costume. There are also several penetration shots, all of which are performed by Marina Frajese herself. Enzo Fisichella, however, uses a quite obvious (and younger) body-double for the hardcore shots.

Antonella Antinori has mostly just softcore scenes. The one exception is when one of her clients penetrates her from behind with a champagne bottle. This penetration shot is seen only in close-up and may have been performed by a body-double – it’s impossible to tell for sure.

Patrizia Webley’s performance is softcore but her sex scene is really quite strong, with one brief moment bordering on hardcore.

Anna Maria Rizzoli and Patricia Behn give softcore performances only.

There are also some briefly seen girls giving blowjobs (hardcore) to some guy but we never get a clear good look at their faces.