Charlotte, Mouille Sa Culotte! (1981)

Alternate Titles
Charlotte bagne le mutande Italy, 70 mins. (video)
Charlotte mouille sa culotte ! Alpha France video title
Charlotte mouille ta culotte !
Charlotte mouilles ta culotte (sic) Video, DIA/Ovide
Charlotte Wets Her Panties Alpha France English title
Looking Good 1984 USA
Süsse Lust junger Teens West Germany, Venus Video, 72 mins.

The young-mischievous schoolgirl Charlotte wishes to be able to spin the perfect love with her chosen one of her heart in the big family home. But her parents are an obstacle and she decides to get their separation. To achieve her ends, she organizes for each of them naughty encounters.

Once again exposing the comfortably upper middle class citizenry for the secretly salacious sex pigs they truly are, the late Francis Leroi delivered the goods as usual with this slight yet steamy sex farce, making the most out of a barmy premise and small (though excellent) cast at his disposal. Billed as “Mary Loup”, succulent Julia Perrin plays the title role but, fans be warned, eschews hetero sex as spoiled brat daughter to retired army Colonel Etienne Jaumillot (credited as “Stéphane Ricci”) and his much younger spouse Sophie Guers a/k/a “Sophie Abélaïd” who was in the same director’s PENSION DES FESSES NUES and PETITES FILLES AU BORDEL. Jaumillot was something a busy character actor in these things, frequently cast in non sex roles due to his already advanced age, though most definitely pressed into duty on this particular occasion. He turned up as late as the turn of the new Millennium in Alain Payet’s S.O.S. INFIRMIERES and LES TONTONS TRINGLEURS.

A wrong number telephone mix-up with roly poly stud muffin Jean-Claude Bertin, who was in Jean Rollin’s POSITIONS DANOISES and the incomparable Lasse Braun classic SENSATIONS (as “J.C. Baboulin”), leads to the latter’s guest appearance in the couple’s marital bed as the adult pair tries to keep down their mounting excitement as pater pretends to sleep through all the commotion ! Payback provides viewers with a sexual variation not often witnessed in hetero hardcore – trust me, you’ll know when you see – which is indicative of the director’s mild-mannered subversiveness, placing him somewhere between latter-day Bunuel (circa FANTOME DE LA LIBERTE) and current Chabrol whose splendid BELLAMY is being widely misunderstood and subsequently underrated at this moment of writing.

Charlotte seems adamant to get the folks out of the house by any means necessary so she can have a friend over to take care of her virginity ! There, I have said it. That’s the punchline and it’s quite a tribute to Leroi’s way with even a joke this bad that the picture proves as palatable as it does. Bringing in school chum Poupée (the late lamented Cathy Stewart) to pose for the, well, “French” photographs dear old dad specializes in doesn’t do the trick either, nor does the impromptu S&M session that erupts out of Guers’ illicit afternoon rendezvous with Gil Duroc (a/k/a Daniel Trabert, who briefly showed up in Charles De Santos’ Continentally lensed EXTREME CLOSE-UP with John Holmes and Gloria Leonard) when his leather-clad dominatrix wife Marilyn Jess walks in on them.

Still, naughty Charlotte gets her way as well as a comeuppance of sorts in an encounter French fornication film fans surely won’t want to miss with superstar Jess and a handy carrot ! This slice of nonsense plays much better than it should, thanks to the often shameless verve of all involved, which seems especially surprising – though I’m wondering whether this should be the case – coming from the more mature participants like Guers and Jaumillot who wholeheartedly throw themselves into potentially degrading sex acts, their obvious zeal effectively taking out the sting in fact. Camera chores were handled with bright candy colors and maximum visibility – not always a given in the days of 35mm theatrical porn – yet thankfully embellished with enough care and consideration as not to be too detrimental to the charms of aforementioned aged performers, by seasoned DoP Willy Faktorovitch a/k/a “Willy Gricha” who made the most out of the exotic locations on Leroi’s lesser DESIRS SOUS LES TROPIQUES and worked wonders in his own subtle fashion on Gérard Grégory’s underestimated ANIMATRICE POUR COUPLES DEFICIENTS.