Delizia (1986)

Just before D’Amato went over to the US to shoot ‘Top Model’, ‘Dirty Love’, ‘Bizarre Voodoo Rituals’ and ‘Deep Blood’ (1987-1989), he directed this little flick, co-produced by his old friend Claudio Bernabei and exploiting the then-popularity of Italian playboy bunny and TV-starlet Tini Cansino.

Tini plays the well-endowed and exalted American photomodel Delight – her portfolio includes, as with Tini IRL, some nude shots for Playboy – who visits her cousins in Italy. The younger one falls in love with her, and in the meantime her lover and photographer begins an affair with Laura Gemser (short topless cameo).
Will Tini succumb to the temptation of having a love-affair with her young cousin??

Shot with a surplus of 80s style (soundtrack by Stefano Mainetti!), a good dosage of Italian macismo and motorcycle-mania.

Actors: Tinì Cansino