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Ball Busters (1984)

When Officer Gillis and his partner, Dan Mann, check the cavities of big-busted suspect, Sondra Stillman, they find more than they bargained for. Sondra quickly turns the tables on these boys in blue and now she’s in a lot of trouble for committing numerous perversions on a couple of cops. Jacqueline Lorians gets it on with her horny girlfriend, Gina Carrera; Kelly Nichols seduces sweetheart Erica Idol; Kirk Wilder lays her low with some heavy equipment; John Leslie drills his slutty sister-in-law; Nina Hartley, in a sizzling HEAD TO HEAD confrontation; and so it goes. Alex deRenzy loves his movies nasty… and there is plenty of that in Ball Busters. This is the original, uncut classic but even better. Completely digitally re-mastered for DVD. Don’t miss this film. A must have for collectors and devotees of adult films!

  • Scene 1. Lois Ayres, Dan T. Mann, Jamie Gillis
  • Scene 2. Gina Carrera, Jacqueline Lorians
  • Scene 3. Nina Hartley, John Leslie
  • Scene 4. Erica Idol, Kelly Nichols, Kirk Wilder
  • Scene 5. Ginger Lynn, Dan T. Mann
  • Scene 6. Joanna Storm