Attenti… arrivano le collegiali! (1975)

Actors: Toni Ucci, Orchidea de Santis, Yvette Monet, Eleonora Green, Charles Duval, Claudio Giorgi, Marilone, Olivia Chavez, Pino Sciacqua, Eleonora Spinelli, Enrica Saltutti, Carla Porzioli

Director: Giorgio Mille

The boarding school life does not have to be boring. That what some school girls think, who check in to a hotel near Rome and afterwards seduce the hot ” Latin Lovers ” there. Meanwhile, their French teacher is buttoned modestly, but has one eye cast upon the father of a school girl. The provocative bikini teacher shows new sides and tries to seduce the father in the beach hut – and then some.