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Josefine Mutzenbacher – Wie sie wirklich war: 1. Teil (Sensational Janine) (1976)

Josefine lives with her mother (XNK0394), father (or stepfather?) and brother (or stepbrother?). With her stepbrother she peeps on her stepfather and mother having sex. The youngsters then experiment themselves, though she refuses vaginal penetration in case it hurts; so they stick to 69. Her interests aroused, she then spies on her stepfather having sex with a blonde neighbour (Frau Reintoller, XNK0398) and her mother having sex with the lodger. Then she spies on the neighbour having sex with a delivery man (Siggi Buchner) in the cellar and interrupts them to get the delivery man to take her virginity. Now there is no stopping her.

Her mother has to go into hospital; so she takes over her duties, waking up the lodger with his usual wank. She then gets the lodger to make love to her about four times in quick succession. She then goes to confession and gets seduced by the priest. A well-off girl, Marezi, (Birgit Zamulo), who has been making similar use of the priest, walks in on them and befriends her. They go on a drive in her coach and the girl has it away with the coachman, Johann, and then, along with Josefine, with two more male servants (one of whom has the character name Leopold)at her mansion.

Josefine’s mother dies. (In the full version there is then an interview with the police comissioner.) They run short of money and have to take in another lodger, Rudolf, which means Josefine and her father have to share a bed – then one thing leads to another. The new lodger catches them at it and blackmails her into having sex with him. He then proves to be a pimp and helps their finances by introducing a prostitute called Zenzi (Marie-France Morel) who uses the place with her clients. The prostitute takes Josefine under her wing.

Josefine’s first client is a photographer, called Albert, who gets her to pose for hard core pictures in a threesome with a male and another female model called Melanie (Christine Szenetra?). He has trouble getting his models to keep still. This scene was foolishly omitted from the American release, both the original videotape and the recent Caballero DVD

The film ends with her gaining her first ‘conventional’ client, Herr Veringer, who prematurely ejaculates after he discovers she has allowed his servant, Josef, first go.