Sechs Schwedinnen auf Ibiza (1981)

AKA’s: Six Swedes on Ibiza, More Desires Within Young Girls

Director: Gérard Loubeau (as Charles Parrish on some prints), Antonio Molino Rojo (as Red Mills )Cast: Olinka Hardiman / Marianne Aubert / Laura May / Kitty Hilaire / Linda Ordóñez / Marisa Gracia / Dominique Saint Claire

What happens when six carefree young girls arrive at Ibiza, having lost all their money on the boat? They have to get a part-time job! And guess what these carefree girls do to get that job as quickly as possible? Of course! They have sex with hairy early-eighties men! In full pornographic detail! Throw in a few travelogue images of Ibiza, and you have a movie!

Alternate Titles
Vacances sexuelles on-screen title
More Desires Within Young Girls 1982 UK title, soft version
Sechs Schwedinnen auf Ibiza
Seis calientes suecas en Ibiza Dir. given as Red Mills, Antonio Molino Rojo Sexes en vacances Alpha Video