Senta no Meu, Que Eu Entro na Tua (1985)

Brazilian XXX anthology with two fucked up stories. In the first one a woman discovers that her vagina can talk and have a will of it’s own. The final story is about an impotent guy whose head grows a dick that seems to be the solution to his problem.

Two amazing histories in this movie, which director claims are based in W. Burroughs histories. In the first a women with a talk-pussy piss in every men she doesn’t like, a midget included!
In the other history a little thing grows on the head of a man, it would be a horn and then he’d be an unicorn, but it’s not a horn, and I’m sure everyone knows what it is. A depraved trip, with midgets, pornography, sex, painted dicks. A gem!

Director: Ody Fraga