Le journal érotique d’un bûcheron (1974)

On the brink of receiving the Nobel prize, Professor Muller escapes to the countryside. So as to fully enjoy the pleasures of Nature, he goes to a small village which has become an open-air brothel. But the government sends out agents in order to dismantle the Professor’s new activities: a Nobel prize-winning pimp is hardly good news ! In this wickedly funny cult bawdy comedy, of rare audacity and great creativity, Jean-Marie Pallardy juggles with spot-on dialogues, gorgeous ladies, red-neck characters and amazing erotic scenes.

OK, bear with me. I am not making any of this up. Professor Muller is a world-renowned scientist and he’s just been awarded the Nobel Prize. But instead of claiming the most prestigious prize in the world he decides to leave his old world behind and wander off into the woods. What does he find? What you typically would find in the middle of the countryside: burly, old lumberjacks engaging in outdoor group sex with attractive women. The professor takes the next logical step: he starts an open-air brothel. His clientele appears to be elderly, horny men who have their hottest sex fantasies acted out by a full complement of nubile women with what appear to be housecats jammed under their arms. Professor Muller’s son eventually tracks down his dad and attempts to persuade him to give up his pimp life. Meanwhile, a pair of police inspectors has gone undercover to collect enough evidence to shut down the whorehouse—er—barn.

Alternate Titles
Le Bucheron loupe la branche video (?) release title with hard inserts Erotic Diary
Director:Jean-Marie Pallardy