Heiße Feigen (1978)

Alternate Titles
La Grande chevauchée French cinema release Heisse junge Mädchen im Taumel der Lust Jouissances pour couples French video release, Alpha Video / Collection 3X Mirja. Heisse junge Mädchen im Taumel der Lust Starlight Video 605, may be longer than Herzog DVD Mittsomernachts-Fieber late 1980s German video release, Love Video 2087 Mittsommernacht Flucht

Mirja is invited to a party by her fiancé Jean. When they arrive, she’s shocked to find Jean brought her to a swingers’ party and refuses to participate. However, she’s aroused at the sight and, riding on Jean’s Mercedes, they stop in the woods to have sex. When Jean thinks Mirja is now in the mood, he suggests they return to the party but she refuses. They have an argument and Jean leaves her there. She runs off and is taken into Rosi’s cottage. Rosi and her husband Mike teach her the ways of men (and women) – and threesomes. She later calls her father to the cottage and they leave. Returning home, she masturbates to her mental images of her time with Rosi and Mike.

Cut to Mirja’s friend Gabi and her husband Walter. They prepare for a night out. We see a wild disco where there is a blonde female nude saxophonist, where a black stripper and then Gabi strip off and where Susi, a frequenter of the place, jerks off a man on the dance floor. Walter gets enraged and drags Gabi outside to have sex on a bench, while the man on the dance floor takes Susi to the bar to eat her out and the barman joins in to give her a facial. Mature swinger Biggi, close witness to the scene, is turned on and, when she meets Gabi and Walter outside, asks to borrow Walter. They leave the club and it turns into a threesome.

Next day Mirja and Gabi bump into Rosi and they go back to Mirja’s place to try on clothes. This turns into a lesbian threesome. Mirja breaks off to phone Jean and he comes round and they are reconciled – visibly.

As well as the sex action, this is also good for sexy 70s nostalgia with blouses being worn as mini-dresses, etc.