Carne bollente | The Rise of the Roman Empress (1987)

Director: Riccardo Schicchi


  • Ilona Staller … Cicciolina (as Cicciolina)
  • John Holmes … John
  • Tracey Adams
  • Jean-Pierre Armand
  • Kieran Canter
  • Christoph Clark
  • Marisa Costa
  • Jacky Del Rio
  • Amber Lynn
  • Marianna

“John C. Holmes was no doubt a legend. He was and always will be the “King of Porn”. He had it all; height (6 feet 2 inches), a slim build, a pleasant personality, and of course, his God-given physical attribute! This was one of the “King’s” final films. He looked surprising fit, and did a fairly good acting performance. He had an air about him, and he seemed so relaxed and natural on the screen. However, looking back now, Holmes it seems, knew that he had AIDS and had a total lack of human feeling in the fact that he had unprotected sex with his female co-stars. According to the recent documentary on Holmes, he couldn’t pass up the money for making this movie, plus he felt everyone in porn was on a road to doom anyhow. Truthfully, I was a fan of John Holmes, and wanted to like the guy. However, knowing now, what I know, it’s clear that John Holmes was not a nice guy.”

Alternate Titles
Cicciolina – The Rise of the Roman Empress Smashcom
Dolce Vita Cicciolina
Los Placeres de la Cicciolina Spain
The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empress USA
Rise of the Roman Empress