Les aventures galantes de Zorro (1972)

Director: Gilbert Roussel
Studio: Brux International Pictures, Eurocine

Starring: Jean-Michel Dhermay, Evelyne Scott, Alice Arno, Roger Darton, Mikaela, Fatou, Rose Kiekens, Christine Chantrel, Ghislaine Kay, Evelyne Galou, Martine Van Linden, Marie-Therese Lecomble, Helene Machefel, Madeleine Revardy, Valerie Jalain, Sylvie Picot, Christine Caralonga, Arlette Bontemps, Louise Petit, Antoine Fontaine, Johnny Wessler, Yeladi Luk, Jose De Negri, Mark Vanleene

Description: A soft-core sex farce using the Zorro legend as an excuse for countless lusty exploits. Jean-Michel Dhermay is the dashing and amorous Zorro who stands up agaunst the tyrannical California governor (Ghislaine Kay). And lays down against a lot of beautiful women.