Hot Connections (1973)

Extra! Extra! Switchboard Sluts Burn Bras and Break Balls!
Male Chauvinists, beware! When the lusty ladies of “The Women’s Liberation Defense Center” get their panties all in a twist, there’s not a penis within a hundred miles that’s safe from their sexual wrath. So watch out!

And watch what happens when poor little switchboard operator Mary Collins gets knocked up, and then fired from her job, boo-hoo-hoo, by telephone company VP Arnold Thaxton, an all-around son-of-a-bitch bastard. But Arnold’s ex-wife Marilyn (TALLY WRIGHT), the leader of this pack of revenge-motivated maneaters, quickly puts a plan into action to get Arnold fired and get Mary back her job. She arranges to get compromising snapshots of her ex, the asshole exec, diddling another employee (MINDY BRANDT). Hell of a plan, huh?

Meanwhile, Arnold and his sidekick, George, have plans of their own, namely to screw the brains — if any — out of all the members of the Women’s Liberation Defense Center. Moreover, these women’s libbers have a sort of back-up plan all their own, and when not getting porked by the chauvinist piggies, they’re busy little beavers nibbling libber labia for the greater good of women everywhere! What do they say about the best plans of mice and men and getting laid? Welcome to the wonderful world of Seventies-Style Sexploitation, folks!

Of course, when the gals aren’t muff-diving, these fearsome women’s libbers practice judo, kick guys in the nuts, and knock the crap out of hard hats on picket lines, all rather hilariously. And in their leisure time, they enjoy naked picnics where they all sit around talking affectionately about their pussies while angrily chomping on hot dogs and other phallic food. Keep an eye peeled for SANDY DEMPSEY and All American Girl’s PEGGY CHURCH going snatch-to-snatch as they share a box lunch together. And you won’t want to miss sex-queen switchboard operator RENE BOND making her own Hot Connections with RIC LUTZE¹s telephone jack!

In the end, Arnold gets what’s coming to him courtesy of a splendid bit of sexual torture that only a deviate feminist mind could dream up, and the poor schmuck even ends up re-wedding his ex-wife which is arguably the cruelest punishment of all. But this is retribution with a smile, folks, for it¹s all in fun here — that special brand of erotic fun only Seventies Smut could serve up — and in that spirit the last word is given to George, who spanks his wife’s bare bottom to show her who definitely does not wear the pants in the household!