Virility (1995)

Prince Fabrizio can’t get his wife to put out in bed. She maintains that carnal desires are a mortal sin, so she remains celibate, forcing Fabrizio to go to a local brothel for servicing. A new girl from Paris gives him what he wants. Visiting from Palermo is the prince’s nephew Tancredi, who wastes no time in having stand-up sex with the wife’s sister, among others. Next time at the brothel, the prince visits the new girl and finds her with Tancredi, cueing not outrage but rather an instant “all in the family” threesome. Finally, the bishop convinces the wife that she must abandon the celibacy once and for all.

This is the erotic version of Il gattopardo by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, filmed by Luchino Visconti in 1963.

Starring: Monica Orsini, Kathy Kash, Valentino, Cindy Scorsese, Hakan Serbes, Nicolette Orsini, Alberto Rey, Ildiko Morales, Valentina Sgroi, Silvio Evangelista, Tao & Francesco Malcom.

Alternate Titles
Die Hure des Panthers Tabu
The Leopard
Leopard – Malizia Italiana
Stella l’Italienne Video Marc Dorcel
Malizia Italiana – The Leopard